Planting Trees for Mum ?>

Planting Trees for Mum

Destination Merredin Gets Involved in Planting Trees for Mum this Mother’s Day

Members of the Merredin community can celebrate their Mums this Mother’s Day by taking part in the Trees for Mum event being organised by Destination Merredin.

The event, which is one of a national series of Trees for Mum events, will take place at Roy Little Park from 10:00am on Sunday 14 May, and all trees and planting equipment will be provided for participants.

Trees for Mum was first started in Sydney in 2002 by friends and colleagues, Deena Raphael and Lauren Adlam, as a way of paying tribute to their Mums, who they had both lost to cancer. The first event was a huge success, attracting over 150 people to Manly Lagoon Park to plant commemorative trees.

In the years since this inaugural event, interest has grown and Trees for Mum events have been run in many states across Australia with more than 30,000 people having planted trees as tributes to mothers who have passed away or to celebrate those who are still alive.

“It’s incredible to think we have reached so many people, and the feedback we receive is inspiring. Most people are so grateful for the opportunity to nurture the environment and create living and growing legacies for their wonderful mothers,” said Lauren.

The Trees for Mum event being hosted by Destination Merredin is open to all members of the community who want to plant a tree for their mothers or take part in the event with their mums, while also doing something to help the environment.

Registration for this activity is encouraged to ensure that a tree will be available for all participants. Please email or phone 9041 1611 for more information.

For more information on Trees for Mum, please visit, email, or like Trees for Mum on Facebook.

For further information about this event please contact Lee Holben via email ( or by phone (9041 1611)

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